The natural mineral is deficient in the island of Taiwan. All metal ore materials rely on import. The valuable metals, such as copper, iron, aluminum etc. can be classified and sold to make a profit. Besides the meaning of resource reuse in environment protection, it also possesses the economic benefits of urban mining.

    The recycle economy is formed through professional recovery treatment. The environmental protection is not only to reduce pollution, but also to recycle and reuse the resources, for example the derived plastic is the petrochemical product. The products can be made from these plastics again through professional recovery treatment to form a recycle economy.
  • EPR

    Waste electric household appliances recovery and treatment, reuse of resources Based on the extended producer responsibility (EPR), establish the first waste electric household appliances treatment factory in Asia, and introduce the EPR concept, and take the responsibility for final recovery and treatment responsibility of sold products.
    The First Waste Electric Household Appliances
    Treatment Factory In Asia

    Complete physical processing, no secondary pollution
    Create new industry and urban mining in Taiwan

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    Television, washing machine, air-conditioner, refrigerator, fan, host computer, monitor, liquid crystal display, laptop, printer, keyboard


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